opening hours : 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Location : Zin City Rd. Pirmam St. Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

About Us

About Hiror

A Luxurious Experience

Hiror Restaurant is one of the most prestigious and luxurious restaurants ever built in the Kurdistan region, Iraq as well as the middle east.
Hiror currently holds the record for being the biggest restaurant in Iraq in terms of space, which consists of 13,000m2 that covers a large area including a massive garden as well.
Hiror originates its name from the village of Hiror in Duhok province. The village carries an incredibly long history and heritage that dates back to hundreds of years; this has been embedded in the roots of the restaurant's structure as well. It is also one of the largest populated villages in the region (nearly 7,000 residents) which has been carried on in translation within the restaurant for being able to host the largest number of people in its vicinity.
Hiror aimed to create an impeccable sense of a grandiose experience that offers the epitome level of luxury, service, quality, and overall enjoyment.

A Work of Art!

Main Restaurant

The main restaurant of Hiror is the first section you will arrive at once you enter. It is a work of art, a masterpiece of architectural engineering. A spectacular view from every angle your eyes observe, superb attention to detail, and an incredibly high ceiling that gives you a sense of freedom, spaciousness, and comfort.
You will be able to choose from a wide variety of different local and international cuisines which are prepared with the freshest ingredients and in-house produced bread, sauces, meat, and many other food items. Whether you are here for lunch or dinner, alone or with family and loved ones, or even for business purposes, Hiror Restaurant is here to serve you the most grandiose experience. In case you want to bring your children, the Main Restaurant section has a large Kids Playground where your children can play and be entertained.

Mesmerizing Atmosphere!

The Cafe

The Café area is a relaxing atmosphere that is created to provide a calm mood, relaxing time, perhaps a study, or writing session where you need your focus. It can also be a great option for conducting your business-related appointments. We also provide one of the best hookah/shisha in town for those who love to enjoy one at our café. In addition, a drinks bar (non-alcoholic) where we create splendid cocktails, fresh juices, warm and cold coffee drinks, nourishing and healthy drinks, etc.

In case you need to arrange a nice birthday party for your loved ones or friends, we can arrange that for you in the café as well.

Dine like royalty!

VIP Lounge

The most luxurious section of the restaurant. We understand that some of us want the experience of royalty dining, a magnificent looking space with utmost mesmerizing architectural details, and of course, superb service quality. Privacy and a calm atmosphere goes subpar with this experience. In the VIP Lounge the experience here is always memorable.

Fire up your Flavors!

BBQ Zone

The ultimate barbeque experience is served in this section of the restaurant! You will be able to barbeque your own favorite type of meat and grills the way you most prefer. An open grilling fireplace in the middle of your table where you can be fully immersed in the experience of creating your own favorite food.  This is especially enjoyable with family, groups of friends and loved ones where you can enjoy your time together and barbeque both simultaneously.

Event Halls

Hiror Restaurant’s large building has enabled it to have large Events and Conference halls that can accommodate a large number of people. We have 2 main halls:

Events Hall: this hall specializes in hosting and managing large-scale events such as weddings, celebrations, birthdays, and other type of events that require a large space and you require to have many guests to attend. This hall can host up to 350 people. We will provide you with all the decorative and catering needs as per your request.
Conference/Meeting Hall: this hall is designed to host conferences and formal meetings where it is fully equipped with cutting-edge tech that supports a high-end sound system, data show, and complete isolation system for walls. This hall can host more than 100 people.

Gardens & Terrace

An enormous green space with colorful water fountains surrounding the terrace and gardens of Hiror’s vicinity. A nice breeze in the open air where you can get your share of fresh air and enjoy the company of people most dear to you. If you wish to have delicious food in an open space then this is the spot for you.

Catering Service

Hiror Restaurant offers catering services for external events and ceremonies that  require catering to be prepared and served within their own vicinity or even in open spaces. We will be sending you our specialized team to arrange all the requirements of the catering aspect, handle all preparations and ensure everyone is well served.

We also provide meals catering services for corporate staff, company employees, institutions, and other establishments that require daily meals for lunch or dinner.

Need a Table?

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